Romania: CFR SA and RAILWORKS consortium signed a EUR 322 million rail modernisation contract

The contract signed on November 23 between the two parties refers to works worth RON 1.5 billion (EUR 322 million) for the modernisation of the infrastructure and the railway superstructure on the subsection (2c) Cap Y Ilteu – Gurasada, located on the Priority axis TEN-T 22 (Rhine-Danube Corridor, northern branch) Nürnberg -Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Curtici-Simeria-Brasov-Bucharest-Constanta.

RAILWORKS consortium includes Alstom, Aktor and Arcada Company.

The contract aims to modernize 22.34 km of railway infrastructure and superstructure for the passenger trains operation with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, rail embankments and consolidation works over the entire route, the construction of 15 bridges (of which 2 are located over the Mures River), 17 underpasses, 1 upper passage, 3 lower passages, 2 tunnels, civil works in 4 railway stations (including commercial stops /flag stations), electrification works and energy supply, as well as works for the implementation of the ERTMS traffic safety system (ETCS Level 2 + GSM-R).

“The funding source for this project is provided by EU non-reimbursable funds and the State budget. Works are due to be completed within 3 years, plus the 2-year warranty period, CFR SA, the Romanian rail infrastructure manager informs.

The modernisation of Cap Y Ilteu – Gurasada subsection contributes to the development of the railway infrastructure by increasing the traffic speed at 160 km/h for passenger trains and at 120 km/h for freight trains. The project also contributes to the improvement of trade relations with transport operators and to the recovery of regional economy.

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