Infrastructura • Material rulant • Pasageri • Marfa

Infrastructure • Rolling stock • Passengers • Freight

In a world driven by innovation and efficiency, the development of the railway infrastructure is one of the key elements that contribute towards the modernization of local, regional and international transport, by providing a safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

The Infrastructure and signalling focused panels of the Railway Pro Technology & Services Forum helps decision makers to establish the right strategy for the railway market.

The event fosters novelty in railways and encourages collaboration between companies, academia and government specialists. Every year, this event brings together organisations interested in developing new railway projects and identifying new partners, project generators presenting current opportunities and future plans, investors looking for new railway business opportunities.

The participants will benefit from the latest information on the market and will have the chance to take part in fruitful discussions, during which they will be able to offer their insight and contribution towards developing projects.

To tackle the problem caused by the ever-growing cities, companies are looking for safer and faster ways to address mobility demand. Research and development of new technologies to be applied to rolling stock are a must, especially in the fast moving world that we live in.

The topics debated and analysed during this reunion will concentrate on railway operations and the rolling stock sector, as well as passenger and freight transport.

The passenger and freight railway transport markets are continuously changing and expanding, the emphasis being put on areas concerning design, speed, comfort and more efficient intercity connections.

Railway PRO Technology and Services Forum brings together regional and local freight and passenger operators, infrastructure managers, global and regional constructors, integrators and engineering companies alongside public sector representatives and academia to discuss major developing projects concerning Romanian and CEE markets.

The key speakers invited – executives, regulators, policy makers and influencers – offer in-depth views on market development and trends as well as future growth opportunities.

The event will take place on 5-6 April 2017 in Arad, Romania

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