DuoTrack – The all-in-one system solution for the trunk cabling of regional railway lines

What is DuoTrack®?

DuoTrack® represents a complete cabling system consisting of the DuoTrack® cable, DuoTrack® hybrid closures, custom-designed DuoTrack® clamps, cable branches and an adapted laying technology!

What offers DuoTrack®?

DuoTrack® is capable to transmit all copper and optical fiber services through a single cable line:

  • Signaling, axle counters, wheel sensors etc. and LV power supply through copper
  • Electronic interlock bus, GSM-R or general carrier-services through optical fibers

Where conventional cabling in concrete troughs requires the laying of several cables, is performed through one DuoTrack cable in a single installation step!


What is the advantage of the DuoTrack® system?

  • All-in-one trunk cabling for the modernization of regional railway lines
  • Innovative clamping technology for the secure mounting directly at the rail
  • Significantly reduced installation time in a single laying process
  • High savings, as cost intensive civil engineering works are not required


DuoTrack® Closures
One closure – two media

The DuoTrack® closure represents an innovative technique for splicing and management of copper conductors and optical fibers in a single watertight box (IP67). Equipped with six cable ports, they offer connectivity for up four copper and optical fiber drop cables, thus normally superseding street cabinets alongside the track.
A reliable mechanical sealing system reduces installation time and simplifies handling for reopening of the closures in case of service/maintenance.
DuoTrack® closures are designed for the installation next to the roadbed and are protected by a lockable stainless steel case.


DuoTrack® Cable
One cable – two media – all services

The DuoTrack® cable is a new development of Nexans, with an optical fiber and a copper cable firmly but separably inter-linked through the Figure-8-design.
This enables both cables to be laid in one step and individual treatment at branching positions.
With up to 16 copper quads and 24 optical fibers, the DuoTrack® cable offers sufficient flexibility for all applications and therewith substitutes the functionality of several conventional cables in a single package.
The DuoTrack® cable is tested and approved for the parallel operation of security, control services and LV power feeding through the copper cable, as well as electronic interlock bus, GSM-R and general carrier services through the optical fiber cable.
The DuoTrack® cable features rodent protection by means of corrugated steel tape (copper cable) and a stainless steel tube (optical fiber cable).


DuoTrack® Installation
One cable – one installation

The DuoTrack® cable is installed directly at the track with custom-designed clamps, cable branches and a newly developed laying technology utilizing a laying vehicle.
Massive, reusable DuoTrack® clamps from stainless steel with a retention force better than 200N enable a fast and theftproof mounting of the DuoTrack® cable at the rail.
The DuoTrack® cable branches are made from massive stainless steel, which enclose the cable securely and are mounted to the rail with specific stainless steel clamps.
All clamps are available for different rail types.



After more than two years of development of the DuoTrack® system, the assembly of a test track and numerous short and long term tests, Nexans and its partner company Contec awarded the contract to deplay and approve the DuoTrack® system in a pilot project for Deutsche Bahn.
Within the scope of the modernization of the Odenwaldbahn approximately 100 km of DuoTrack® system was deplyed as trunk cabling for the electronic interlock and GSM-R operation and is in successful operation since October 2006.
In the meantime Deutsche Bahn employed the DuoTrack® system on several of their non-electrified lines all over Germany with a total volume of approximately 300 km.
Since November 2008, the consortium DuoTrack® consisting of Nexans, Cotec and Telent holds a frame contract from Deutsche Bahn to implement the Duo-Track® system on the regional lines of DB Netz.


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